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[SIC!] October 10, 2007
Your Letters
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Dear Mr. Ames,

I was entertained by your "European Hatred Genome Maps" ["The eXile Guide To European Hatred," October 2, 2002]. That said, I am curious as to how you came up with your results? For example, when looking at the Balkan map, I couldn't help but notice that according to your information, Bulgarians thought of their neighbours as "good masters." That is particularly interesting, especially when Bulgaria's first and second empires ruled most of the Balkans. Bulgaria's third empire in the form of the San Stephano Bulgaria also spread beyond the country's current borders. Indeed Bulgarians look upon Northern Greece, Macedonia, most of Serbia, etc... as historically Bulgarian territory and there is a general prejudiced belief amongst Bulgarians that they are superior/stronger than their neighbours. If they ever talk about "masters" they do this in a historical context regarding the Ottoman Empire, and this is certainly perceived as dark chapter in Bulgaria's history. If you actually ask Bulgarians, they will usually tell you that Macedonians are second-class Bulgarians, Serbians are considered former servants and Greeks are considered Byzantine backstabbers, who were punished for their deviance by being conquered in the 7-8th century by the Bulgars.

The opinions of Bulgarians are very negative and roused by a superiority-complex, and thus it is sad that they still exist today! Yet once again, what your chart shows does not correspond to how Bulgarians view their neighbours. The reason I am particularly interested in this, is because on some websites there is discssion regarding your maps, and many Bulgarians and citizens of neighbouring countries are surprised and in fact in desbelief about the information regarding the opinion of Bulgarians, as you have showed it... Even Macedonians, who have felt oppressed by Bulgarians in the last 60 years are completely astounded by your information. A quote from a Macedonian:

"How can Bulgarians, who have been oppressors on the Balkan peninsula, see us Macedonians as masters? They always talk of their Great Bulgaria ruling the Balkans and they were NAZI extremists in WWII who always sided with Germany in the modern era, constantly trying to give rise to a new Great Bulgaria. How is this possible?"

I hope to resolve this matter soon as I am currently conducting ethnographic research related to inter/intra-national perspectives and their effect on nationalism, racism, etc...


Emil Dulguerov

Dear Mr. Dulguerov, Your account of the complaining Macedonian touched us deeply. He's basically saying, "We, the people of Macedonia, have never been so insulted in our entire post-ethnic-Greek-era history! It's us, Macedonians, who are the true bottomers of the Balkans, not the Bulgars, and don't you forget it! For chrissakes, we Macedonians are even serving our new Albanian masters. What more proof do you need? How much more do we have to succumb before you recognize us as the real bottomers?! We'd even let the Minoans rule us!" So yeah, you're right Emil. You Bulgars can spit on someone. They're called the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonians, or FYRMs for short. But you can just call them "bitch," they like it that way...Folks, what you have just witnessed here in our [sic] section was a bald, naked attempt to ignite another Balkan war. It's called "putting the reader first," and that means providing you, the eXhole, with top-notch round-the-clock war-ner-tainment. Okay Bulgars, guys know what to do next. Grab your torches and your knives, there's some border villages that are ruining the view with their peaceful-coexistenceness.


Dear War Nerd,

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