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[SIC!] December 18, 2007
Your Letters
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War Nerd,

I read your articles regularly and I wanted to know what do you think about the "Islamic" insurgency that is going on in Pakistan. I am a Pakistani and I really get annoyed when people in the west think of Pakistanis as radical extremists and Pakistan as a country which is going to get "revolutionized" with "Mullahs" coming into power, like what happened in Iran. Secondly you are concerned about our nukes too.

Pakistan has become politically unstable and there is pro taliban insurgency in Swat area which was tourist resort until Mullah Fazlullah (mullah radio) came along but there is good news as Pakistan army has taken control of many areas in the Swat region. Anyway it would be interesting if you wrote something about Pakistan for a change given that everytime you turn on cnn or Bbc they are talking about us.

And secondly dont you think NATO and moreover US is going to fail in Afghanistan eventually. Because they do not understand even the source of the problem. For example they relate whats happening with the taliban with islamic extremism. The taliban problem is not one of religous extremism but rather an ethnic conflict as the Taliban are Pashtuns (who constitute 38% of Afghanistan's population) and they dont like sharing power with the Tajiks and Uzbeks who have power in the current scenario. Taliban are fighting for a pashtun cause rather than an "Islamic" one. Although Karzai (ungrateful sob) is a pashtun who was being fed and housed by Pakistani governement in Quetta we know he has no power beyond Kabul.

Hasan Kom

Dear Mr. Kom, What's a radical extremist like you doing in a [sic] letter-to-the-editor section like this? Man, talk about exploding media myths, Hasan, you have opened our eyes! So, come around here often? How 'bout them Hindus, eh? Can't live with 'em, can't, er...yeah.


War Nerd,

Thanks for your fantastic work. I'm South African and I know almost nothing about Angola. You can bet the rest of the world knows less. It seems like a stealth Viet Nam. Here we called it, "Fighting On The Border." After the TV news in the 80's (we only got tv in '76 cos some foolish Apartheid Calvinist minister said it would ruin our great white society) the anthem (Die Stem van Suid Africa - The Voice of South Africa) would play. There's be a silhouette of a South African Defence Force infantryman with his FN-FAL rifle and hundreds of names of dumb, white, barely literate, farm-boys would role by. Those who died, "on the border," that week.

Clearly you had to have your wits about you when guarding your border post, I'd think as a lad. Then, when the Apartheid fog lifted, it turned out to have been a full-scale proxy war - heavily funded by the Americans (for evil South Africa) and the Soviets whipping the Cubans in on the side of the Angolans.

The rumour at the time was that the South African infantry was regarded as - along with our allies the Israelis - the hardest in the world (we always had delusions of grandeur in South Africa - still do). Their main tactics - which my buddy did in live-fire exercises in basic training was called, "Vuur en Beweeg" - fire and movement - in which one squad would provide covering fire while another rushed forward with the bullets whistling between them. They would then take their turn - putting a bullet in every bush - as the coverers became the coverees (come to think of it, I think that's based on a Boer War tactic). We were said to produce the best infantry fighting vehicles and the (genuinely famous) best canons. Our mirage fighters went hunting for Cuban Mig 21's and occasionally found them.

Our special reconnaissance force - "recce's" to us were supposed to be the most vicious thugs that ever tortured children in a bushveld village. Pictures of Eugene de Kok - later to become famous as Apartheid's top hit man (dubbed "Prime Evil" in the press) - was photographed torturing Angolan prisoners with a beer in his hand, his gut hanging out and sporting a giant beard. There was great lingo. If someone went nuts, they said he'd gone, "bosbevok," (bushfucked) or "bossies" for short. The fighting only ground to a halt, years after the South Africans left, when the leader of the 'rebel' movement (enjoying no local support but financed first by the USA and South Africa and later by blood diamonds), Jonas Savimbi, was riddled with bullets in a Government ambush. Now, at last, Angola is free to be pillaged of oil wealth by its comprador elite and their partners in the oil industry.

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