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Russia March 13, 2008
Interview With A Russian Serial Killer
Russia's #2 serial killer airs his views, opinions, worries... By Yasha Levine Browse author Email

Alexander Pichushkin, the silver-medal serial killer known as “The Bittsevsky Park Maniac” recently gave the Russian tabloid Tvoi Den an exclusive interview, which we’ve translated for your reading pleasure. Until today, the man who almost bested Chikatilo had never been given a free platform to air his views, thoughts, and opinions to the world. Below, we are reprinting traslated segments of the interview. But first, here's a little background on Russia's second most prolific serial murderer: 

The 33-year-old balding supermarket shelf stacker was caught back in June 2006 and charged with 49 murders, all but one carried out over a five year period, all in Bittsevsky Park, one of many massive parks in Moscow’s outer districts.

True to the FBI serial killer profile, Pichuskin admitted that he likes toying with cops. Riskier murders made him feel powerful, more powerful than the State. During the trial, he vainly bragged about how he carried out of all the murders.

One of Pichushkin's female victims.

He usually befriended his victims (he knew 20 of them from playing chess with them in the park) who varied in age and sex, by offering them to have a drink of vodka to mourn his dead dog, which he said he’d buried in a secluded area of Bittsevsky Park. Like Chikatilo, Pichushkin didn't rape his victims. He got his sexual kicks from sexual substitution. But unlike Chikatilo, he wasn't about the slashing and cutting. He was more into skeletal penetration, skullfucking. After he got his victims wasted, he'd bash their head in with a hammer, then stick empty vodka bottles and twigs into the holes he’d made in their skulls. "I liked the sound of a skull splitting," he told prosecutors. But he mixed it up a bit: strangling a few of his victims, or even trying out a homemade single-shooter craftily constructed out a pipe. To get rid of the corpses, he’d dump the bodies into a sewer wells, sometimes while they were still alive. Many of the victims were never found.

When the police finally caught Pichushkin, he boasted that he’d killed 62 people, topping Chikatilo’s body count by 8, making him Russia's most prolific serial killer. The police could only link him to 49, denying him this eternal fame. Was he angry? If the way the way he talked about his lawyer is any indication, then yes. Read on...

When I was brought to prison, I was not in a good mood . Now it's gotten better, I have completely adapted. They have ideal water here. It’s so hot, I even have to dilute it with cold water. For all the time that I have been here, my hair was cut only once. Do you know how much time they give me to take a shower - five whole minutes!

Human life is not too long. It is cheaper than a sausage. My lawyer: I would cut him open like a fish. I would have killed him like an insect, and I would receive much pleasure from the process. I would cut him up and make belts out of his flesh. But as for remembering everyone I killed, who and when and where, that, I don’t remember. I don’t even care to remember.

I was baptized when I was three-months old. The baptism took place, but I did not want it. Well, I do not think that someone ... is there. I can also say that I will not either read the Bible or write an autobiography. I have never prayed to God, never will. This is a beautiful fairy tale. For the weak, for those who sacrifice themselves to the State (Russian government). Men, as they age, increasingly dream that someone is there who is all powerful. Well, what is it? As for voting, in all my 33 years, I have never missed a chance to vote.

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Yasha Levine is an editor at The eXile. You can contact him at
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