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America March 21, 2008
John Mccain: Biggest Fag In War History
By Vlad Kalashnikov Browse author Email
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John McCain was no fucking war hero. He was a war traitor, according to all countries’ martial cultures. He broke under beatings, confessed, he named names, he even denounced America over prison loudspeaker, to demoralize his fellow American prisoners, for Vietnamese propaganda and psychological purposes. Here is some things that he said, it is all on the internet, for any brainwashed American dumbfuck who cares to know some truth:

"I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pirate. I almost died and the Vietnamese people saved my life, thanks to the doctors."

What is cool is that Vietnamese made him say a "confession" that really is just the truth. But they fucked with John McCain like he’s a pussy that they can play with. They probably had some fun too, thought that up as a joke, right there: "Now, you say ‘I am a black criminal.’ ‘Ok! I am a black criminal! Anything else you want me to say, sir?’" To a white fascist American guy in a racist Republican party, it’s really eating shit to say to your fellow soldiers, over loudspeakers, "I am a black criminal." Vietnamese have a pretty good sense of humor!

McCain broke many times. When he was injured, he promised to give more names, if they take him to a hospital. Why? Because he was "afraid he might die."

This is your American "war hero." A pussy, very worst kind of pussy: he kills defenseless people when it is easy and safe, then, when he faces trouble, he breaks like that crane in New York City last week, collapses, takes down a lot of people with him crumbles, betrays his country like a pussy, then cries about it.


And to America, this guy, traitor and coward, loser of all-time losers, shot down by a Vietnamese slingshot because he doesn’t know how to fly a fucking jet, and so fucking incompetent McCain don’t even know how to swim away after he crashed, can't pull a fucking parachute, doesn't even know how to kill himself. He is a loser pilot and a traitor prisoner in a war he fucking lost, only thing he did well was betraying his motherland – This is a fucking "war hero"?

In Russia, if a soldier was taken prisoner, whatever the reason, he came back to the Motherland in shame, usually arrested by authorities when he returns, then maybe shot, maybe put into a camp for five years or so. That is cruel shit, sure, but that’s how a real martial culture is. For America, if you are so fucking incompetent and weak-willed fag as McCain, you are a "war hero."

That is why I call you pussies "Amerifags"! The empire has no clothes, and underneath, you have no balls, just eunuchs!

In a real country, not to mention a real empire, a war hero is a guy who conquered nations, crushed enemies, brought glory to his people and riches to empire, raised the pride and power of the empire. He is often not a good man, probably responsible for huge numbers of deaths, probably genocide if you look at history of "war heroes" in Romans, Greeks, English, French, Spanish, Chinese empires, you name it (Russian and Soviet too). A "war hero" not supposed to be the guy who makes you cry, like it’s a shit Hollywood movie, or an appointment with your shrink, that every mentally sick fucked-up American requires, because they all suffer from mental disease and collapse, as well as sick perversions and sexual diseases.

Vlad Kalashnikov writes the "Vlad’s Daily Gloat" blog on The eXile site (

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