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The War Nerd June 10, 2004
Saudi Terror: Some Killing, Some Lunch...
By Gary Brecher Browse author Email
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The terrorists found an American and got down to business: "We did find an American. I shot him in the head and he exploded." I like the "exploded" bit. It's the details that make a story like that. Or is that supposed to prove that Americans are so ultra-evil that they don't just die, they explode? Because they go on to tell how they killed a South African, and he dies pretty ordinary: "Then we found a South African and we shot him too."

Now here is where their story starts to get interesting. They stroll back to their car -- nobody bothering them, as far as I know -- and drive to another residential/office complex full of foreigners. They ask everybody if they're Muslim or not, but they don't kill all the Unbelievers. This Lebanese woman I saw interviewed said she told them she was Lebanese Christian, and they thought it over and decided not to kill her. But they did hand out a good talking-to: "Then they told me to go home, cover up my face and convert to Islam," she said.

The terrorists' statement says it was, and I quote, "a walk in the park" getting into this complex. Uh, if it was me and I lived in Saudi Arabia, I'd take that to heart and skedaddle. Whatever they're paying you to stay, it's not enough. My dad worked for oil companies most of his life, and believe me, gratitude isn't their strong suit. Just take the money and run for the airport.

After reading that Lebanese lady the riot act, the fearless infidel-shooting squad moved on and found "several" Philipino oil workers -- all Catholics, naturally. Well, the guys didn't like the look of those crucifixes, and they were mad about that little jihad in Mindanao -- so they shot all the Philipinos. Poor bastards -- I bet they died brave. Philipinos can drive you crazy, but nobody ever called one a coward and lived.

Then they moved on, and ran into a group of Indian workers, and went right to work wiping them out: "Thanks to Allah, we cleansed our land from unbelievers." That's how they describe shooting down the poor unarmed migrant workers.

I admit, at this point it's kind of sickening, but the weird and funny part is coming up. According to the terrorists' account, they drive over to a resort called "Oasis," waltz right in and, believe it or leave it...they take a lunch break! I swear to God. Here's the quote: "We went to the hotel, found a restaurant, had ourselves a good lunch and had some rest."

I guess every country has its own style terrorist. And the Saudis are so used to taking it easy (the Philipinos and Indians do all the work), even their terrorists have a siesta right in the middle of a massacre.

And apparently the "Saudi Special Forces" took an even longer nap. They were filmed being choppered onto the roof of the resort next morning, but by that time the terrorists had been gone for hours. Well, I hope the special forces had a good lunch too.

You can get a lot from a story like that, even if it does sound ridiculous. First, doing a guerrilla operation in that slow, relaxed style means the terrorists either had a deal with the local security forces, or knew the cops were afraid of them -- or the terrorists wanted to get killed.

You do get cases where the terrorists are more interested in dying than in winning. A couple of months ago there was a weird uprising by Thai Muslims who attacked police stations with nothing but machetes. The cops killed almost a hundred of the Muslims, and said afterward that the Muslims weren't even trying to attack, just standing there yelling, waiting for a bullet: "Hey, over here! I'm open!"

But it doesn't look to me like these Saudi terrorists were looking to die. If they were, they'd have holed up somewhere and waited for some real soldiers (US, probably) to come and get them. Instead three out of four terrorists got away clean.

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Gary Brecher
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