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The War Nerd June 10, 2004
Saudi Terror: Some Killing, Some Lunch...
By Gary Brecher Browse author Email
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It reads to me more like terrorist collusion with the local cops -- either that or the cops and soldiers of the Saudi government are so totally intimidated they're not a factor any more.

And that means Saudi Arabia probably isn't going to last much longer. When the government troops won't leave their barracks, when the cops run every time the rebels fire a shot...well, church is about out. Think Tehran when the Shah fell, or Cambodia in '75.

A situation that bad doesn't happen suddenly. When you take a hard look at Saudi Arabia, you end up surprised it hasn't already fallen a long time ago.

Take the name "Saudi." It's not a place, or a mountain or something, it's the name of a family, the Saud. So it's like they put their name on the country, like if we were to call it "Bush-y America." If that sounds selfish of the Sauds, it is. They run the country like a family business. Which ends up meaning that their family skims 40% of the oil money that comes in so they can hand it out to every cousin and nephew who wants a new Maserati.

The figures are unbelievable: every "Prince" of the House of Saud gets a monthly "stipend" of at least $30,000 -- for doing nothing, for raping the Philipina housemaids.

And there are 12,000 princes.

The reason there are so many princes is that the Saudi population has doubled in just 20 years. The average Saudi woman has 6-plus kids. The Muslims are counting on birth rate to beat the West, and who knows? Maybe they're right. If you have six kids for ten generations, and the Westerners only have 1.7, you'll end up in the majority.

But in the short term, all you're doing is making more mouths to feed. A third of Saudi men are unemployed. There just aren't that many jobs in Saudi Arabia -- not the kind these pampered Saudi kids want to do, anyway. They don't do the manual-labor jobs -- it's too hot. They leave all that to the Pakistanis and Indians and Philipinos. They can't do the tech jobs in the oil industry because most of them have never studied anything except Islam, starting with Basic Islam in kindergarten right through to Advanced Islam for Fanatics, where you can get your Master of Fanaticism degree.

So they sit around getting pissed off, more and more of them. Every year another 400,000 Saudi kids join the workforce, or try to. The result goes like this:

Q: What are you qualifications?

A: I know the Koran real well.

Q: Next!

The reason Saudi boys never learn anything but Islam is that the Saudi family made a deal way, way back with the Islamic Brotherhood. The Brotherhood got booted out of Egypt way back in the Sixties by Nasser, because they were trying to organize guerrilla cells to install an Islamist regime. And all the Brothers who were booted out came to Saudi Arabia, where the Sauds were stupid enough to hire them all as teachers.

See, back then everybody was scared of the Commies and figured Islam was like a natural insecticide against it. Nobody really had the balls to imagine that it might get out of control and make Communism look like the nicest li'l enemy a Superpower ever had. The Islamic Brothers hated the Saud family -- bunch of hypocrites who looked Wahhabi but took off for the casinos and brothels every chance they got -- but they liked how they could turn a whole generation of Saudi boys into Wahhabi fanatics. And they did.

In the meantime, Washington was in tight with the Sauds, and didn't even notice that the rest of the Arabian population hated our guts. They watched us screw the Palestinians over and over again, which didn't help -- but when we put troops in Arabia for the first Gulf War, they lost it. This was the Holy Land for Muslims, and infidel troops weren't supposed to be driving their Hummers around on it.

The Saud family did a survey after 9/ll and found that 95% of young Saudi Arabian men were proud of the WTC attacks. Hell, why wouldn't they be? 15 out of the 19 attackers were Saudi--heads full of Islam and more money than sense.

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Gary Brecher
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