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Kino Korner April 20, 2007
Preview Review
By Alexander Zaitchik Browse author Email

28 Weeks Later

Opens Moscow May 10

Remember the fighter plane that roared so low over the survivors at the end of 28 Days Later, giving the film an unforgivably Prozac conclusion? Turns out it was an American F-16. 28 Weeks Later finds the U.S. military setting up HQ in central London to oversee the return of scrappy Brits who survived or escaped the infected isle during the reign of the rage zombies, all now dead. The preview's opening sequence reminds us how we got here, a furious fifteen-seconds and one of the scariest preview montages you'll see. This is followed by shots of returnees moving into their shiny new high-rise flats, London rents being at an all-time low. An American voice-over explains, "District One is now completely safe."

It's so safe the yanks are seen scrubbing the "Help Us!" and "We're Here!" signs off the London rooftops. Whether this is a sly knock at federal failure after Katrina is beside the point. The preview suggests 28 Weeks could be a feature-length parable of a seriously diseased U.S.-U.K. "special relationship", in which a trigger-happy U.S. military machine botches a post-apocalyptic occupation of England and unwittingly helps unleash another round of zombie fever on the UK before blowing the last remaining bits of living shit out of it. This would be reality stripped bare: Brits as poisoned zombies, the US taking control of a shite country and picking off its rage-fueled subjects at will, then turning tail.

28 Weeks Later

So where 28 Days was weak on social-political satire by zombie-flick standards, this preview hints of serious amends. Still, if the filmmakers are attempting an undead political commentary on American power, they're going to have to compete with Joe Dante and Sam Hamm's Homecoming, about Iraq war zombie-vets getting their revenge against the president that sent them into the middle eastern meatgrinder.

Unlike in Iraq, the Americans in 28 Weeks are ready for the return of the insurgents. They even have a plan, called "Code Red." But it might as well be called the "Ben Tre Zombie Pacification Plan", after the village in Vietnam that one Army officer famously "destroyed in order to save." Halfway through the preview a black Army captain is asked what'll happen if the virus reappears. Seconds later he answers the no-longer hypothetical question: "Execute Code Red." Yep, time to destroy London in order to save it! U.S. fighter jets strafe the city; military personnel evacuate in helicopters, wily Brits hanging on to the skids. The fiery destruction of the zombie-infested city has shades of the nuke 'em all ending of Return of the Living Dead, the Reagan-era punk-zombie classic.

The family that starred in 28 Days is nowhere to be seen. Neither are the writing and directing credits of Danny Boyle and Alex Garland. In the big chair this time is young Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Based on the scenes in this well-edited preview, the kid can shoot.

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Alexander Zaitchik is an editor at The eXile. Email him at
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