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May 28, 2008
Nemtsov’s White Paper: Bombshell or Dud?

Writing in the New York Review of Books, Amy Knight called it “a devastating picture of Putin's eight years in the Kremlin.” In the Daily Mail, Jonathan Dimbleby declared that if such information was released about Britain, it “would certainly have provoked mass outrage - if not the downfall of the government. What, pray tell, is this devastating toppler of governments?
May 19, 2008
Moscow Hipsters Mock Provincial Bloggers

These days, all the cool Russians talk about how stupid and time-consuming blogs are. It seems the wonderful and frightening days of commenting each other to death are gone. All the ex-livejournaling hipsters will tell you that now their blogs are either ironic, or that they’re just too lazy to delete them...
May 19, 2008
The Exile’s 2008 Happy Planet Guide To Moscow

It’s May, which means Tourist Season for Moscow. On top of that, 50,000 British soccer fans will be descending upon this fair city towards the end of the month, bringing with them their delightfully crooked-toothed smiles, and their downright freakishly ugly womenfolk! In order to serve U, the Tourist, we are offering this special impossible-to-follow guide to Moscow’s must-visit sites.
May 2, 2008
One Day In The Life of Alina (or 24 Hours in a Kiosk)

An "eXile Classic" Rerun: Jake Rudnitsky's dispatch from Tynda offers a rare glimpse inside the corrugated metal of a typical Russian kiosk.
April 7, 2008
Medvedev Math: Presidential Conversion Table

The election of president-elect Dmitry Medvedev means a whole new era awaits us, a more liberal, more technological, and more professional era. Our team of highly qualified mathematicians developed an easy-to-understand conversion guide to help our readers prepare for it.
March 31, 2008
eXile Prediction: Snapper Season Coming Early!

The eXile celebrated its 139th annual Groundsnapper Day. See this year's snapperlicious photo showing the reclusive Groundsnapper emerging from a winter of hibernatin' to make its long-awaited prediction...
March 27, 2008
Photo Essay: Balakhani, Azerbaijan

Nowhere does Azerbaijan look less like a 21st-century energy powerhouse than in the township of Balakhani, just north of Baku. Here hundreds of rusted and decrepit pumps suck the last remaining barrels out of the nearly exhausted fields.
March 27, 2008
There Will Be Krov: Oil-soaked Travels Through Azerbaijan

eXile editor Alexander Zaitchik travels to Azerbaijan and finds The Holy Post-Soviet Travel Grail: a deathscape of trash fires, abandoned oil derricks, ghost processing plants, crumbling concrete structures and the decaying carcasses of Baku street dogs.
March 13, 2008
Interview With A Russian Serial Killer

Alexander Pichushkin, the silver-medal serial killer known as “The Bittsevsky Park Maniac” recently gave the Russian tabloid Tvoi Den an exclusive interview, which we’ve translated for your reading pleasure.
March 10, 2008
Douglas Kent’s Hit and Run

Nearly ten years after getting paralyzed by a drunk American government employee, a Russian man still hasn’t received any compensation. Now he's starving himself in protest.
Brit Gop
Her Majesty’s Gopniks :
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Moscow Office Manager
Field Guide To Moscow: Brevis Capillus :

Scanning Moscow’s Traffic Cops :


Save The eXile: The War Nerd Calls Mayday
The future of The eXile is in your hands! We're holding a fundraiser to save the paper, and your soul. Tune in to Gary Brecher's urgent request for reinforcements and donate as much as you can. If you don't, we'll be overrun and wiped off the face of the earth, forever.

Scanning Moscow’s Traffic Cops
Automotive Section
We’re happy to introduce a new column in which we publish Moscow’s raw radio communications, courtesy of a Russian amateur radio enthusiast. This issue, eXile readers are given a peek into the secret conversations of Moscow’s traffic police, the notorious "GAIshniki."

Eleven Years of Threats: The eXile's Incredible Journey
Feature Story By The eXile
Good Night, and Bad Luck: In a nation terrorized by its own government, one newspaper dared to fart in its face. Get out your hankies, cuz we’re taking a look back at the impossible crises we overcame.

Your Letters
Russia's freedom-loving free market martyr Mikhail Khodorkovsky answers some of this week's letters, and he's got nothing but praise for President Medvedev.

Clubbing Adventures Through Time
Club Review By Dmitriy Babooshka
eXile club reviewer Babooshka takes a trip through time with the ghost of Moscow clubbing past, present and future, and true to form, gets laid in the process.

The Fortnight Spin
Bardak Calendar By Jared Lindquist
Jared comes out with yet another roundup of upcoming bardak sessions.

Your Letters
Richard Gere tackles this week's letters. Now reformed, he fights for gerbil rights all around the world.

13 Toxic Talents: Hollywood’s Worst Polluters
America By Eileen Jones
Everybody complains about celebrities, but nobody does anything about them. People, it’s time to stop fretting about whether we’re a celebrity-obsessed culture—we are, we have been, we’re going to be—and instead take practical steps to clean up the celebrity-obsessed culture we’ve got...


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