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The Fall of The eXile For all those wondering what the "Save The eXile Fundrasier" banner is all about, here it is as simply as it can be phrased: The eXile is shutting down.
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More Classy B&W Club Photos w/Russian Dyevs We took the Pepsi Challenge here...
May 15, 2008 in Face Control

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[SIC!] November 7, 2007
Your Letters


Mark et al. at The Exile:

If you haven't seen it earlier this week, Seattle's own alt.douchebag.newspaper The Stranger has published, maybe as a Halloween thing, a 49 entry Death Porn rip-off, complete with a body count tally.

Number 3 on the list? Litvinenko. Rounding out the list are high school girls flattened under homecoming floats, toddlers crushed by televisions, and a case of death by camel sex. All delivered in that very dry, yet trying, for your benefit, to be ironically humorous Seattle schtick. And not one God-damned kitchen knifing in the lot!

Sadly, there is no ",self" entry for The Stranger. Luke Harding learned his lesson, is it not time for all of Seattle as well? I like Kofe Haus; this Starbucks-in-Moscow/creeping Seattlefuckation shit has got to be stopped!

Oh, I've bought the eXile book, and have been saved by visits to eXile recommended restaurants (thanks for the Darbar review) and will have to write you a long, sloppy, wet BJ of a thank you letter describing my bliss at accidentally spying the eXile staff having an editorial meeting at the Starlight, just as soon as I can get a good shot of my Russian girlfriend's snapper.

Ted Saibeni

Dear Mr. Saibeni,

Folks, if anyone managed to write a letter that hit pretty much every note we like to hear, thereby reproducing our favorite "[sic]phony Number 9" in its entirety, then this letter has it all: skull-fucking yet another cheap plagiarist, deep-throat compliments to our newspaper, and best of all, the promise to deliver his girlfriend's snapper right to our doorstep. Ted, we're so moved by the letter that we'll let you keep the rest of your girlfriend, just serve up her snapper pipin' hot (or clammy-cold, we don't really care), and in return, you've got yourself a spankin' new [sic] t-shirt! Congratulations. You've just revived our faith in eXholehood.



1st off: Huge fan. You really should quit your day job--except for the great references, it is only hindering you. Second. I think you NEED to cover William Walker. I mean what a story. We never get to learn about his crazy adventures in the US because our shitty school system. Anyway when I was backpacking around South America, I kept coming across statues about this I did the research, and wow. Anyway, Keep up the great work and hit up WW!



Dear Mr. Seth, Fantastic advice. But the Nerd is a little skittish, not quite as brave as you are. So why don't you lead the way, set an example, since you're the life-coach guru type. You could start by quitting your own day job, and then set up a webcam in your TV room so that we can watch how it affects you. We'll see how being jobless improves your letter-writing, not to mention your ability to stay warm and alive. Once you're thrown out of your house, you can set up a 24-hour webcam in your van or your cardboard box or the shelter you'll be living in. At that point, once you're jobless and terrified, we'll start asking you to do free work for us, research stuff, sorta like the William Walker thing. In exchange for our five-sentence letters to you. You could start by translating the entire works of the War Nerd into Spanish, and sending those off to South America. We won't pay you, but we'll sure as hell laugh at you.



You wrote that Jesus was a "Palestinian smooth-talker whose armpits are stinking up the cross" ....Dude, you are my hero... Everytime I say this stuff I get beat up.


Dear Mr. Ben, Just reading your letter makes us want to kick the shit out of you.

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