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Moscow Babylon February 26, 2008
Kosovo Madness: Get Me Outta Here!
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I love that last one. Some SUV-driving Eurofag telling nine terrified Albanians, "Nope, you didn't get a death threat from the KLA. You're just imagining it."

As the record shows, the OSCE is nervously covering its ass, while preparing for the theft of the elections. However, if Rugova's people in the LDK actually do win, then all bets are off here. The virtual/dual power structure which has allowed both the UN bureaucracy and the KLA to thrive will have to be replaced. The KLA would be out of power. Its self-appointed heads of local services, utilities, and administrative structures will have to step down in favor of LDK-appointed officials. That would essentially mean surrendering both its military victory and its criminal empire. At the same time, it would have to continue swallowing its bile watching on television as Western officials, and Western aid, pour into today's darling, Serbia. What's worse, UN and Western officials have lately reiterated their insistence that Kosovo remain legally a part of Yugoslavia, something the Albanians cannot countenance.

What all this means is that there is only one structure today which stands in the way of an independent, KLA-run Kosovo. And that is the international community. The UN and KFOR. The KLA could respond in two ways: either through increasing low-level terror, driving out elected officials from municipal power or making it impossible for them to run things, a scenario which should theoretically force the UN and KFOR to respond and implement the Albanians' democratic will with force if necessary. At the same time, they could stage a final mass expulsion of the remaining non-Albanian minorities, something that many people think is possible (two nights ago, KLA terrorists fired a rocket-propelled grenade at the last remaining Serb apartment building in the capital, Pristina; no one was injured). That leads to the second scenario: a KLA-led uprising against the UN and KFOR. It wouldn't take much to throw the West out of here. A few mines, a couple of snipers, the odd car bomb like we saw in Prizren. Or rocks. Already, twice in the past month, Albanian boys have been throwing rocks at U.S. soldiers.

One busted youth admitted that he'd been paid to do so, probably by "a political entity."

It might seem incredible to outsiders that the Albanians, still weak militarily, would move to throw out the West. But if the KLA is that threatened, it isn't totally unthinkable. After all, in the beginning of the last century, the Ottoman Turks were called in to protect Kosovar Albanians from a Serb invasion, which they succeeded in doing. The Albanians' gratitude was short-lived. One year later, just one year later, the Albanians rose up against their Turkish saviors. And another year after that, the Serbs moved into Kosovo. With consequences we all know.

Yeah, this is a lovely fucking place. Trash everywhere. Trash literally everywhere, in every ravine, gully, roadside, in rivers, streams, besides schoolyards…. Albanian leaders are trying to educate their people about the evils of trash, but they've got a long way to go. The entire south side is dusty, filthy, polluted. Power cuts and water cuts are frequent. The Serbs in North Mitrovica view foreigners, particularly Americans and particularly American journalists, as hostile at best, spies more likely.

I'm the only American journalist living here.Every time I cross the Ibar River bridge, I feel like someone's taped a sign on my back, "Shoot Me!" I feel like the world's biggest idiot.As for the Albanians, their clannish culture means that you can never get too close to them, and you cannot even think of dating their women. The Albanians tolerate us, the Serbs are waiting for their turn.

The province is filthy, ugly, completely polluted by NATO ordinance, run by half-wits and thugs, soaked in blood and doomed to be the permanent asshole of Europe, a stain on the Balkans.

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