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America March 21, 2008
John Mccain: Biggest Fag In War History
By Vlad Kalashnikov Browse author Email
John McCain concentrates on perfecting his confession speech for his Vietnamese captors.

I recently became a private scholar of The Decline And Fall of The American Empire. I use the famous Gibbon title very sarcastically, because a specialist like me knows what a historical obscenity it is comparing a laughable Chinese-sweatshop-manufactured American Empire, that lasted only from say 1991 until 2004, to the great 500-year-long Roman Empire (or Russian Empire, or many great empires, a class where Americans don’t belong). History will not even remember this laughable American empire, which today disappears before our eyes.

Actually today’s American Empire collapse happens so fast, it is like that construction crane in New York City that just collapsed into another building last week, because dumbfuck Americans don’t even know how to build cranes these days.

For me as outsider scholar coolly observing this process, what is really pathetic is that collapsing imperial America has made a racist old pus-cheeks freak named John McCain into a "war hero." What did this ugly old pus-cheeks do in wartime to make him an American "hero"?

Let’s look at John McCain’s war record, because if we do, then you see a cowardly war criminal loser who cannot fly a plane, and who broke down and turned against his Motherland.

In the Vietnam War, John McCain was the very worst kind of murderer, spoiled son of a powerful daddy (sounding familiar?) flying modern jets over primitive, defenseless Vietnam, and dropping bombs on women and children from the safety of his little cushioned seat. Probably comes back to the airdeck, gives high fives and "hoo-ah!"s to his fascist little friends, they all laugh, drink their shitty Coors beer,listen to their country music, not even caring about the suffering they cause to poor peasant families.

One day, some fucking Vietnamese guy shot "hero" John McCain down! How the fuck did a Vietnamese guy, primitive, backwards, in pajamas, shoot down a modern A-4 jet? He used a fucking slingshot? Bow and arrow? What it proves is John McCain was a shitty pilot, a loser, that is all. On October 26, 1967, "war hero" McCain’s A-4 given a nice Russian surprise over Hanoi -- he was hit by Russian surface-to-air missile (score: Russia 1, McCain 0). McCain’s jet fell into a lake called Truc Bach Lake on the outskirts of Hanoi.

McCain almost drowned in that lake. But a Vietnamese man, 50-year-old Mai Van On, ran out of his air raid shelter, took a bamboo pole, swam out to McCain, and pulled American "war hero" from the plane wreckage. Vietnamese people were pissed off, they gathered around McCain in a mob and tried to kill him, understandably. This is a guy who just tried to kill them! But Mai Van On saved John McCain from the mob too. This old Vietnamese guy is the real "war hero" because he took a real dangerous risk! McCain, "war loser," was rescued by his enemy who he tried to kill! That is the most pathetic war story I, a Russian, ever heard in my life.

After he was saved, Vietnamese guards took McCain to a prison for interrogation. There, McCain proved to be as soft as those pus-cheeks of his.

Vietnamese naturally beat McCain up. That’s not nice, but it is normal, you see what Americans do in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay just because of 3,000 dead Americans, imagine how they behave if Arabs killed 3 millions like USA did to Vietnam. So, how does an American "war hero" behave when he is getting beaten up by his enemy captors for confessions? In every culture in history, a "hero" in this situation does one of two things: either suffers horribly and doesn’t break (like a Braveheart), or the hero kills himself first. That, to every culture, is what a "war hero" does.

But for Americans, weak-willed, a loser collapsing empire, a "war hero" means a crying fag who breaks down. McCain did not kill himself like real hero should. He later claimed he almost killed himself, he even had his head in a noose, but he was "too slow," that his Vietnamese guards grabbed him before he hung himself. Yeah, sure. It’s like a guy who doesn’t want to fight, so he yells, "Hold me back! Hold me back!" in the American comedy movies. That is McCain’s brave suicide attempt: "Guards! Take my rope away or I swear I hang myself! I give you 1 more hour, or I swear I do it! My voice starts to hurt, man! You listening? Hello?"

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