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Unfiled September 19, 2002
America, Torture Capital of the World
By John Dolan Browse author Email

Take a bow, all you pillars of the community. Torture's going strong in every state in America, and you taxpayers are the ones who make it possible.

Don't think I mean some sort of figurative torture. I mean real torture.

In the past few years, almost one million Americans have been imprisoned for having the good taste to prefer various pharmaceuticals to booze. And those people are being subjected to the most horrific tortures imaginable. Right now. In a prison near you.

Real tortures. Starting with gang rape by an endless succession of psycho thugs, and including sexual slavery of the most blatant, literal sort, often ending with murder of the sex slave by bludgeoning or stabbing when his sale value is gone.

Don't pretend this is news to you, scum. You know it. Everybody knows it. No doubt many of you applaud it: "Can't have those prisons turning into country clubs." Unless it's the minimum-security institution to which Ivan Boesky was sentenced. That really was a country club. Nobody raped Boesky. He'd vanish for weeks; "another of Ivan's vacations," his fellow inmates said. Guards loved him. (A $10,000 tip goes a long way.) He lives in his mansion in La Jolla now, unharmed by his stint in minimum-security. But then he only stole a billion or so, wrecked the lives of a few hundred thousand trusting investors. He didn't do anything really bad, like smoking pot.

For the evil pot smoker unlucky enough to get put through the meatgrinder, it's torture. Rape, terror, HIV, and, very possibly, death. That's the real penalty for lighting up and not having an expensive attorney. To the best of my knowledge, only one American judge has had the courage to refuse to take part in the torture/rape/slavery network. This judge -- a woman in Florida, of all places -- had the guts to refuse to sentence a man to prison for smoking marijuana as the state's drug laws demanded. "He's skinny and white with long hair," she noted. "Guards have told me they can't protect inmates like that." She felt that several years as a rape-toy for HIV-positive psychos was, perhaps, not the most humane of punishments for the crime of lighting up a joint.

She was censured by the DA, the local newspapers, and the DEA, that bastion of civic virtue. She is not expected to win reelection.

Ah, what scum you are, my fellow Americans! What utter, filthy, pious, canting scum! There hasn't been anything like you since the Brits of the Famine years! If only there were someone to aim a 767 at your office buildings every minute of every day!

Because you know all this perfectly well, don't you. You know all the don't-drop-the-soap jokes about prison. And you know what's likely to happen to a harmless druggie dropped into a Hell like that. You just don't care.

Slavery -- you Ashcrofts out there, you lovers of the Confederacy, will be delighted to know that slavery is going strong too, in your noble homeland. Again, I don't mean wage-slavery or anything so ambiguous; I mean literal slavery. Because, you see, when one of these harmless little drug-users, most of whom haven't been in a fight since grade school, are tossed to the monsters who rule American prisons, they become a very saleable commodity. After they've been raped in the ass and mouth a few hundred times, their owners, the Aryan Brotherhood or Muslims or Black Guerrilla Family or Mexican Mafia, get bored with them. They want a new toy. So these terrible "drug criminals," these smokers of things other than tobacco, are sold. For a carton or two of cigarettes, I am informed. Those who resist being sold are punished. Not by a simple beating, but by quite sophisticated tortures. One which is very popular is to impale the reluctant rape-toy on a metal bar -- the more blunt, the better. It causes more agony, you see.

Oh, but you knew all this already, didn't you? Truly, there are no human beings in this world more vile than the respectable Americans.

You know, but you don't want to hear. That's why it's left to the British papers to print the horror stories. Recently a British paper printed the story of a man in Illinois who is suing the state prison system. At the whim of a sadistic functionary in the prison system, this man, who is white, was placed in a cellblock which was all black and controlled by a very tight, military-style prison gang. He was, of course, gangraped, taught to suck cock on demand, used as a urinal and toilet, and otherwise made to entertain his fellow inmates. He tried to kill himself three times, but was stopped -- he was too valuable, and as a slave, had no right to dispose of himself. He is "free" now, HIV-positive of course and unlikely to live long enough to finish the lawsuit. The state of Illinois is arguing that nothing excessive or cruel happened to the complainant. He got what he deserved.

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