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Unfiled September 18, 2003
Boris Berezovski In All His Glory of Political Refugee
By Edward Limonov Browse author
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In that quotation is interesting that Berezovski is aware of rejection that his name producing amongst some Russians. Archetypical Jew, with a voice of and face of villain of cinema, he is aware of his limitations. But to 53 percent of Russians he is believable, worth to believe. It is a lot in the country where anti-Semite feelings are steel strong.

Most brilliant political move was made by Berezovski when he proposed his money to Russian Communists. He proposed 100 million dollars to Zuganov to help them topple present government. That proposal is evidence of both: of Machiavellian Berezovski's mind and of his broad thinking. Before that step towards Communist opposition Berezovski was an influential oligarch, skoolbook financial adventurer of Staviski type, seeking to broaden the limits of his influence. But when he proposed his money to Communist Party of Russia, he stepped out of his image of the oligarch, and that of "money bag." He transgressed the borders of oligarch, he stepped with both feet on territory of politics. In fact he is only one in modern times, who proposed to build up his supposed class enemy.

Unfortunately for them and for Russia, Zuganov and his consorts proved to be an ordinary people without a trace of Berezovski's genius. Communists declined those millions, because they have fear that their electorate will turn out from the a 'cause Berezovski's help. Exception is only one, editor-in-chief of Zavtra Alexander Prokhanov, who accepted some money from Berezovski. But not poligraphy, not quality, not circulation of his newspaper didn't improved after his visit to London.

So, question is: what Prokhanov did with Berezovski's money? Stuffed at stocking? Very probably that yes, stuffed. Communist Party of Russia cowardly declined Berezovski's money. That is no Lenins amongst them.

Russian power, Mr. Putin and his man feel great menace coming from that man in London. Political menace, because Berezovski is a "God" who created them all. They feel like a little Frankensteins, who have rebelled against their Creator to whom they are all indebted. Because he awarded them with life. It's always irritating to be indebted.

I like Berezovski more and more. Exiled he looks noble. Berezovski is a type of anxious, never-satisfied life-eater, of warrior, the person who lives by the energy of conflict. Abroad, in Great Britain, he is forced to exist without conflict, in order to preserve himself from a Russian prison. He wants badly to go out of that golden cage of London, again go to exciting life of conflicts in Russia. He is not interested in money. Money is only fuel to his conflicts.

Congratulations, nevertheless, Boris Abramovich, with your newly acquired status of political refugee! Glory, glory alliluakh!

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