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Unfiled November 13, 2003
I am stretching my hand to Mr.Khodorkovski for friendly shake
By Edward Limonov Browse author
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In ancient Rome the Emperors, when they saw that the Treasury was empty, had a habit to make a list of wealthiest Roman citizens. Then the Emperor will accuse those moneybags of some imaginary or real crimes, and will kill or exile them. The wealth of exiled and killed patricians or senators will fill the Treasury of Emperor. This very simple and effective method of proscription now is adopted by President Putin's regime.

What Mr. Putin and his servants refuse to understand is following: from now on, counting from October 25, 2003, not one man in Russia with money or property will be friendly to Mr. Putin's regime. From now on wealthy and simply well-to-do citizens will run away from Russia, but some will organise plots, to conspire with a goal to oust President Putin from power. Starting from October 25, President Putin has an opposition: the wealthy class.

From 1999 he managed to make himself numerous enemies, step by step: liberals, democrats, political radicals of all kinds, human rights activists, but now, finally, by one single act of arresting Khodorkovski, he added to that opposition Russia's businessmen and proprietors. That was very reckless and frankly stupid arrest. The gravity of Mr. Putin's action is such that even immediate release of Khodorkovski from prison will not save the situation.

A great crack in regime's structure is evident. From now on the biggest part of Russian society groups and classes are in opposition to Putin's regime. It was unprofessional, idiotic decision, to arrest Khodorkovski. Even if he is guilty, for the sake of keeping business class on his side, Putin should not have done that.

Let us count who is on the side of Putin. Of course there is Federal Security Service, FSB for short. Of course also Ministry of Interior, headed by Mr. Grizlov. Of course, whole class of administrators, of "tchinovniks." But that is very small part of society, to be exact one social class -- that of administration, of state security service.

Also on the side of Putin is huge chunk of electorate, of Russian voters. But these, we know well, are passive group of citizens. All of more active groups in Russian society: liberals, democrats, radicals of both sides, new class of businessmen and proprietors; are opposing Putin. He will not survive for long.

After October 25 I look at future with a great hope. Frightened by Putin, wealthy class will be on lookout for new alliances with other active forces in society. I am absolutely sure that among others they will find us -- National Bolshevik Party. Of course our social goals are different, but for the moment we can and we will work together. As a repressed political party we are aspiring to a society of political freedom, to a society where will be open competition of ideologies. Our path, in present Russian police state will be dangerous, long and difficult.

That is why I am stretching my hand to Mr. Khodorkovski for friendly shake.

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