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Unfiled October 29, 2004
Bush, Kerry, Putin and Company
By Edward Limonov Browse author

Kerry looks like Irish-Polish father of Julie—Gary Carpenter. Julie Carpenter was my girlfriend from 1977 until december 1978, when she moved to California, to San Francisco. Kerry as tall and skinny as that father of Julie. Gary was an FBI oficer, responsible for diamond trade. I mean he worked at department of FBI responsible for diamond trade. That why I trust Kerry, strangely enough, because father Carpenter was a serious, good, noncurrupted oficer. So, unconsciously I believe that another look alike old guy Kerry is also serious, good and uncorrupted. Father Carpenter was a father of eight children, including Julie. Julie's grandmother, Gary's mother was Polish. She warned Julie from having relationships with a Russian, with me. Russians are all drunkards and they all beating up their wifes, said Julie's grandmother. And she wasn't very far from truth, when she said that. But Polaks are also big drunkards, although I don’t know about them beating wifes.

Anyway, Kerry I trust. He looks like old horse, tired enough for not making troubles. The best kind of president that is unoffending one, who doesn't have desire or doesn't have anymore force to tyrannize "his" citizens. Russians made huge mistake just recently, when they voted for rather young blond officer Putin. Putin is too severe for to be a good head of state. Putin is too angry, I will even use the word "evil", that guy is too evil. He probably hates us, as tzar hated his subjects. So if one wants to have a balanced slow life in his country one should vote for somebody tired as Kerry. Energetic, dynamical president is a trouble for his country. In Russia , for Russians the main problem is officer Putin. Without him we would live happy, calm lifes on our frozen steppes.

Vote Kerry, because Bush is unhappy, uncalm, as ex-alcoholic he accumulated during his alcohol days a lot of anxiety. He is disquiet person, that George W. Bush. In 18 century small group of extraordinary Americans (admirers of Roman Empire, all of them) have created American Constitution that governs the United States. In Constitution they arranged an oath that the President of United States should swear. He should swear to protect that very Constitution "against all enemies." George W. Bush didn't protected it on September 11, 2001.

When I look at faces of George H. W. Bush and of his son George W. Bush I like face of a father more then son's face. At profile Bush Junior's head reminds a bird's head. His nose looks like a beak of small hawk. No wonder he is a hawk in politics, Bush pecking at Afghan mountains, at Iraqi deserts peck, heck, peck again.

Kerry or Bush, but America have offended many countries and many peoples, and many nations. Loved as promised land, yes, by poor emigrants from Europe, first republic in modern history, America have fallen from a grace of people of the world. She is now looked upon as a brutal Empire, supressing other countries independences, other lifestyles, others, to be short. Bush Junior it seems to me do not understand that enemy of the United States is not al Qaeda, but people of the world. For its short, yet, History, the United States managed to offend brutally all Latin America's people, then Phillipinos, Koreans, Vietnamis, Arabs, Iranians, Serbs, and others, America knows them all.

Then America wonders why few thouzands of its angelical citizens have died under tons of steel and glass of World Trade Centers. So, Bush or Kerry, but America will have a same big problem of consciousness: problem of understanding of its nature, because America is EVIL. That guy Mohammed Atta and his friends sacrificed themselves against Evil. Rethinking, all American history, revision of its goals in the world should be done by the United States Elite, by its presidents, if they are Great people. But they are not, Kerry looks like an old tired FBI agent, Bush has a beak of a hawk. They are not Alexander Hamilton or Thomas Jefferson, those guys. They will not grasp that it is not international terrorists that are hate guts of America, but the people of the world. For the centuries of bullying them. And people not forgetting insults, they remember insults for centuries, and milleniums.

Russia is as brutal country as the United States are, but Russian State aggressiveness is directed inside, the United State aggressiveness is directed outside, against other people and countries. Russian State aggressiveness was always primarly directed against its own citizens. Putin probably don't understand why he is clenching his teeths and fists: but he does so because a crowd of tzars and communists caesars have done it before him. It is inherited hate against us—people, against subjects of his state. Opposition: Russian State (Putin) against Russian People will take place in next few years. It will certainly change relationships between people and State for the profit of Russian People. We will obtain our liberties, taken from us over the centuries.

President Putin have recently supported hawknosed Bush Junior. He said something very clumsy: he said that "defeat of Bush will be a victory of International Terrorism." President Putin's statement was ridiculed by some Russian journalists. But President Putin proved to be a fidel friend, to Bush. Vladimir Putin is not friend to Russian People, looking to Bush, Putin is always smiling. I am a Great Russian Writer, for example. At my age, my achievements are already visible and they are undisputable. I am somewhere between Dostoevskii and Bakunin. What did I have from a Putin's State? Under Putin I was jailed, I spend a few years of my life in prisons. Finally, even Russian judge couldn't find a proofs of my guilt, I was convicted only of posession and stocking arms. Putin never smiled to me. He smiles to Bush. Putin never answered one letter of Russian people. He is cold as a fish and dangerous as KGB officer. But thanks to stupidity of millions of house-wifes and simple village idiots I forced to live under joke of that mister.

There is no international terrorism in real world. Only desperate desires of people and groups of people to live their lifes as they wish to live, not as Putin or hawknosed Bush or even FBI-like Kerry are forcing them to live. Allah akbar!

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