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Unfiled February 11, 2005
My Fighters Club NBP
By Edward Limonov Browse author

Shortly before I was arrested, in March 2001, when visiting city of Briansk, I was given as a present few videos. Amongst them [I discovered that in Moscow] was video-version of Fight Club. Naturally it was a gift of National-Bolsheviks Party member. [And also naturally, that very party member later have turned against Party. I mean it is natural that fanatical lover of Fight Club happen to be also a party traitor. I think that that kind of movie should attract and is attracting all sorts of unstable persons.] But anyway, when I first saw the movie in Moscow in March 2001, I was ignorant about future. I liked Fight Club, although I never was a clerk or avid consumer of consumer society, I always was a rebel.

I also liked that rebillion in Fight Club was non-ideological, was pure from idiology. It was rebellion of servants. And I remember well my experience as a house-keeper of multi-millionaire in New York in 1979-1980. It was experience of humiliation, experience of servant. In the end of working day my feet were sore. In those days I remember, I wrote a script called "The Broadcast of New York City Radio"—acutally it was a plot of American Revolution. Revolution was fulfilled by the Blacks, Puerto-Ricans, by New York city International proletarians, and by me, of course. When moving to France in 1980 I left my belongings at Six Sutton Square in the basement. During the years from time to time I suddenly remembered my papers abandoned in the basement of multi-millionaire house, and I regreted them. When later house at Six Sutton Square was sold by Peter Sprague to some other multi-millionaire, one of my friends have picked up my papers. So to be short, I beleived that all my papers were lost. But, to my surprise, when I was out of prison, Professor A. Rogachevskii from England have sended me a copy of my blood-thirsty text: "The Broadcast of New York City Radio" or rather "New York City Radio-Broadcast." Oh, that is a piece of Art, that text! I will let myself only a few quotations. "Young, affected clear voice—I am Vong. In that moment I am staying on the deck of the Coast Guard boat, together with others revolutionary journalists. The Greatest moment in the History of the World is close. In the few minutes will be blowed up the Statue of Liberty—that disgrace, that odious symbol of bourgeois world, and its fragments will forever sink into the ocean.

"For about one hundred years statue were standing here. It was proposal of revolutionary artist and thinker Bakhchanian to put into fondation of Statue and in it hollow belly about few tons of explosives.

"Honor to turn a blowing device is awarded to freshly liberated from prison, one of the precursers of Great Revolution, one of its prophets—Charles Manson.

"I see him here on the deck of the boat. I see him very close. He is aged man, but anyway he has all that unfatiguable shine of distraction in his eyes. He is reserved, but that because he spended so many years in prison. Prison have instructed him to be silent. Reverence and open admiration are on the faces of young revolutionaries, their bodies are covered with weapons. They are passed with battles through half of United States. Six Army has behind its shoulders the strom of Chicago and bloody battle near Saint-Louis…" So, more than quarter of a century ago I wrote that terrible revengful texte, many years before Chac Polanek’s book and movie. As to artist Bakhchanian—he was in the end of 70th—my closest friend in New York.

I cannot refuse myself a pleasure of another quotation. I will chose most innocent one: "Rebellious West-Side is welcoming its liberators. As we already have informed you, even before of arrival of avangard regiments of Revolutionary Army in New York, three days before it, opressed minorities of West-Side and of Harlem have revolted. Drived in those reservations the blacks and colored minorities always were here the sources of unsatisifaction, of fermentation and revolutionary spirits.

"Often going by the wrong way of racial clashes, today they gave to Revolutionary Army majority of it conscious and implacable fighters with an old world and its civilization.

"Three days ago those people have created regiments of self-defense, when waiting for Revolutionary Army. They didn’t have much weapons, but they have made quite a few successful raids through Central Park into East-Side, to the horror of reach proprietors of apartments on the Fifth Avenue.

"Now those blacks and colored brothers have pured on the streets. They are exulted. Children, women, all from the very small to the old are greeting the liberators. The orchestras are playing, you can hear the gun-shooting, that salutation to Revolution. Everybody wears holidays clothes…"

So, sorry Mark [Ames], you asked me to write about my favorite movie, and me, incorrigible, have anyway wrote about Revolution. And I have used my column once and again for a self-promotion. I am very sorry. But I like Fight Club, it is my favorite movie. And I also wrote probably in 1978 (around that date) horrible undemocratical text, something like Red equivalent of Turner’s Dairies. And it was, what can I do. Also as a protagonist of Fighters Club I have created National-Bolsheviks Party—my fighters club. [You remember Mark, how I have created it? You should remember also, as nobody in that time have believed that my project, my fighters club, National-Bolsheviks Party have any future. You remember?] Now you see Mark, my Fighters Club-NBP have a forty-nine camarades in prsions, the most prominent members or Putin’s goverment have named NBP [my fighters Club] as an awful menace to them. So my project proved to be a Great one. That is why I name "The Fight Club" as my favorite movie.

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