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Aeroflot Kicks Ameriflop's Loser Ass
Vlad Kalashnikov ( Email ) on April 10, 2008


America has been collapsing so fast, that it can't even manage to do what an average African country can do: fly airplanes, run the airline company right, make a profit, even just fix some simple fucking wiring problems, according to a International Herald Tribune report:
Air travelers in the United States, whose plans have already been disrupted by thousands of canceled flights recently, may face continued chaos in coming weeks as the Federal Aviation Administration and the airlines expand their scrutiny of passenger planes.


What was really funny is the comparison between Al Qaeda terrorists, and average loser American workers in airline industry, both are equally destructive, according to New York Times:
A second wave of post-Sept. 11, 2001 misery is beginning to hit airlines, their employees and travelers — the result of record-high fuel prices and the financially fragile condition of the industry.

The growing disarray was felt by tens of thousands of travelers Wednesday, as American Airlines canceled 1,094 flights to make sure some wiring on its fleet of 300 MD-80 jetliners was secured correctly inside wheel wells.
My favorite line there: "post-Sept 11, 2001 misery." Yeah, feel it you dumbfuckers. I see this story, and remember all of American arrogant jokes about Aeroflot, and about Russian airliners, how our planes cannot fly, how they have no system of safety checking, it's all corruption. Well, who is corrupt? Who is incompetent? Bloomberg reports:
"The airlines and FAA have spent too much time talking about how safe the system is without trying to ensure the continued safety,'' James Hall, former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said in an interview yesterday.

``What we've found out, thanks to some whistleblowers down in Dallas, is that the system is broken, that the job has not been done,'' former NTSB chief Hall said. ``It will take some time to get the system back up again.''

``A very high percentage'' of American's MD-80s weren't in compliance when rechecked, Executive Vice President Dan Garton said yesterday.

Mechanics ``had taken certain latitudes'' in the work, Garton said, not realizing the ``greater emphasis on strict compliance'' at the FAA since U.S. lawmakers began raising questions last month.

``It's a question of how we did the work, not whether we did it,'' Garton said. ``We now understand the rules have gone to a very strict level of enforcement. We will meet that and get the planes in the air.''


Yeah, someday, you Americans will be able to fly again your airplanes, if you can learn not to be the corrupt and retarded people you are. Maybe, someday you will even have a company as successful as an Aeroflot:
MOSCOW, Feb 5 (Reuters) - Russian flag carrier Aeroflot said on Tuesday its net profit rose 92 percent in the first nine months of 2007 to $357.3 million.

Aeroflot Deputy General Director Mikhail Poluboyarinov said the results were helped by effective control of fuel costs, favourable market conditions and currency exchange rates.
Shit, does any American airliner remember what a word "profit" is? No, probably not, because fuel costs and currency exchange is not favorable to a failed state going bankrupt:
NEW YORK (AFP) - Oil prices soared to fresh record highs Wednesday lifted by an unexpectedly sharp drop in US energy inventories and a further decline in the value of the dollar
Everything going fucked for Americans. Even Boeing cannot build a fucking airline on time, delayed once again this week. Everyone is starting to understand, that United States of Retards incapable of simple work, just keeping their word, doing fucking anything right! All americans think about, is how to save a penny here and there. A real great empire cannot be built by cheap miserly penny-hoarders:
But regardless of the details of the current flap, American and its domestic competitors have been scaling back maintenance. Some airlines sent work overseas in search of cheaper labor. They cut wages of mechanics in the United States and reduced their numbers. And they quickened the pace of work at maintenance facilities.

“They let too many people go,” said Kevin Cornwell, an MD-80 pilot at American who is also a pilots union official. “They sold spare parts years ago to raise cash. Things don’t get fixed as fast.”


Shit, even I can't believe I just read that. They sell spare parts to raise cash? It is like the worst memory of Russia in the 1990s, when  Americans laughed at Aeroflot and every Russian company, try to tell us what to do, and trick us. Now, how do you miserly dumbfuckers feel? How you feel standing in an airport, for hours or days, a flights canceled? Maybe a World Bank team can solve you problems? How is that making you feel, now you have the laughingstock loser airlines industry of the entire world? I hope it makes you hurt, yeah really. I'm laughing looking at photographs of airport chaos, that I assure you, American readers of this blog! All of us, in Europe, China, Russia, Germany, in Mexico, we all are laughing at you fucking asses!

When a state is completely collapsing, this happens. Everyday more bad news, something else is breaking down. You poor fuckers, time to learn to ride horses again.
--Vlad Kalashnikov

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